Memorial Day Performances

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Greetings, all! As citizens, it is important that we take the time to honor those from our community that paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. The Hempfield Bands will participate in two important Memorial Day Community Events. 

*Music for the Memorial Day Events (God Bless America and This is My Country) can be downloaded on Charms OR 

May 27th > Mountville Memorial Day Parade (Mountville Elementary School)

HMK will once again perform in the Mountville Memorial Day Parade will be held on Saturday, May 27th. All members should report to the Mountville Community Center (adjacent to Mounvtille Elementary) by 9 AM. The parade route is very short - I anticipate that we will be finished with all obligations by 10:30 AM. Parade Tune > This is My Country (Downloadable)

May 28th > Landisville Memorial Day Ceremony (Landisville Pavilion)

Rep. Brett Miller has once again invited us to perform at the Landisville Memorial Day Ceremony on Sunday, May 28th. This is a non-mandatory concert performance at the Landisville Pavilion (This is My Country, National Anthem, Armed Forces Salute, and God Bless America) as part of a powerful community ceremony that is roughly one hour in length. We will rehearse at HHS at Noon and move to the Pavilion for the 2 PM performance.


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Q: Does high school band conflict with academics? 

A: No - research shows that it ENHANCES academics! Students participating in band score higher on their SATs (Verbal: 20 points. Math: 25 points). MORE THAN 75% of Hempfield Band Students take Honors and AP Courses. 60-75% of band seniors graduate with honors. Band students often occupy the top seats with regards to class rank. 


Q: To be in Concert Band, do I HAVE to be in the Marching Band? 

A: Not at all! Concert Band and Marching Band are mutually exclusive - you can be in Concert Band and NOT in Marching Band. That being said, the overwhelming majority of students do BOTH in high school. :) 

It's important to know that you MUST be in either Concert or Marching Band to participate in Jazz Ensemble. Or, you could just do all three!

Q: I am interested in taking part in other activities where there may be conflicts; can I still be in the band? 

A: For sure! Band students also play football, softball, basketball, baseball, track, swimming, cross country, soccer, and volleyball! All coaches and advisors work together in order to come up with a schedule compromise that most benefits the student. If you want to participate but don't know if it will work me! 

Q: What kind of music do we play in high school band? 

A: Check out the Concert Band page and listen to the repertoire for second semester...AWESOME STUFF! :) 

Q: Can I be in high school band AND orchestra? Choir? 

A: ABSOLUTELY! Many of our best performers in Marching Band are string players who are march because it is such an awesome experience! It takes hard work to learn a second instrument, but If you are a string player who is interested in joining the marching band, email me!

With Concert Band, we have had many instances where we "share" me with your specific question and we can try to work something out! 

As for Choir...not an issue at all! A large portion of our high school Concert AND Marching Band members also participate in our outstanding Choral program. 

Q: I feel like I can barely play my instrument while sitting down…how in the world am I supposed to do that marching band stuff? 

A: Great question! My response to this is always “you’ve gotta try it.” Our success rate with students who try is holding steady at 100%. By being brave and believing in yourself, you will achieve whatever it is that you set out to do. You’ll be amazed at what kind of person is inside of you! 

Q: How will band work in my regular school schedule? 

A: At HHS, you will have band every other day for an 80-minute block of time. Band counts as a scheduled elective; most students take band and a language as their electives in 9th grade. While schedule options are few for 9th grade musicians, the schedule opens up drastically as each student moves through their high school career (meaning that you’ll have PLENTY of opportunities to take digital media and photography classes…don’t worry!). 

If you are being told that you CAN'T schedule me! 

Q: I was planning on taking honors/AP classes and I’m afraid of the workload along with the marching band…what should I do? 

A: Many of the students in the band program are enrolled in honors/advanced placement courses and have been since they began their academic careers. While moving on to high school can be a frightening experience due to increased academic pressures, the overwhelming majority of band students develop advanced organizational skills, a strong work ethic, and a drastic increase in academic discipline due to their experiences with our program. 

Our band members are high achieving students who form a strong support structure both academically and emotionally. Think about it…what other group can you join where you’ve immediately made 120 other friends who have all “been there before” and are willing to share their experiences and lend a helping hand? 

Q: I have a REALLY great question but I can’t seem to find it on this paper…what should I do?!?!? 

A: The best question of all! Mr. Gumble would absolutely love to talk to you and your family about the high school band experience. Call Mr. Gumble at 717.898.5500 ext. 24-139 OR email at


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Music Honors Knight Tally Forms

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Music Honors Knight will be held on Thursday, June 1st in the Hempfield Performing Arts Center! The evening will feature our Annual Modern Music Masters Recital as well as awards presentations in band, chorus, and orchestra! 

Band awards are given in three areas: Band (HMK and Concert Band), Jazz, and Color Guard. Band members are responsible for completing tally sheets in each area that is applicable to their experience. Whatever is submitted will be used to determine the awards distributed on Music Honors Knight

2017 Awards Night Form - BAND ‎(Concert, HMK)‎

2017 Awards Night Form - GUARD

2017 Awards Night Form - JAZZ

Miesse Candy Fundraiser EXTENDED!!!! Orders due by FRIDAY, 03.25

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Looking for Easter Candy?  The Booster Club is running a Candy Sale through Miesse Candies!!!!  Orders and money are due by 03.25 (envelope outside Mr. Gumble’s office).   Candy pickup will be at the Jazz At Knight show on 4/2 – the club will earn 30% profit from each sale!


For questions about the sale, please contact Pam Doughton. 

HHS BANDS eNEWS > President's Day Edition!

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LLMEA County Band > 02.19.11
This Saturday, 24 Hempfield Band Members will participate in this year's LLMEA County Band Festival held at Annville-Cleona HS.  The students will spend a Saturday working with Dr. Richard Bundy (Penn State University) and Dr. Darryl Bott (Rutgers University) to refine their ensemble skills and prepare an evening concert.  The concert is scheduled for 5:00 PM. 

Report time for students involved with the festival is 7:15 AM on Saturday morning.  Performance dress is the HHS Band Uniform (with Dinkles :)

North Penn Jazz Festival > 02.25.11
The HHS Jazz Ensemble will travel east to North Penn HS on Friday, February 25th.  The Jazz Ensemble will be participating in their first "regular season" festival of 2011.  With 12 of the best high school jazz groups from the Philadelphia area, this gig will surely be a great experience for our group.  Let's show those Philly kids that Lancaster can swing, too!!!!

The Jazz Ensemble will rehearse after school on the 25th.  Students should bring all materials needed for performance to school that day.  We are looking at a two-hour ride, so we'll need to be rolling by 4:30 PM.  HHS Jazz takes the North Penn stage at 7:50 PM.  North Penn performs at 10:20 PM with awards to follow.  Students should bring money for dinner.  While return time will be around 1 AM, parents are welcome to take their students following our performance (with written permission). 

Lower Dauphin Indoor Competition > 02.26.11
Both Indoor Groups will travel to Lower Dauphin HS on February 26th for their first TIA action of 2011.  BKCG performs at 3:39 PM with Percussion taking the floor at 7:11 PM. 

Indoor members should continue to look for updates from Randy and Danny.  After getting a sneak peak of both groups over the last couple of weeks, I am INCREDIBLY excited to see what this season will bring!

CATS > 03.04-03.06.11
Come out and support your friends and classmates as HHS puts on yet another breathtaking musical production! 

Booster Club Meeting > 03.08.11
This is a BIG one!!!!  Look for more info from Cynthia Stayrook regarding the agenda. 

Spring Ford HS Jazz Festival > 03.11.11
Both the Jazz Ensemble AND Jazz Lab will be performing at Spring Ford HS on March 11th.  Stay tuned for times as they become available!

Winter Music Showcase > 03.17.11
Join the HHS performing groups on St. Patrick's Day for a night of musical entertainment! 

"Black Knight Indoor Classic" > 03.19.11
The HHS Band Boosters will once again host the "Black Knight Indoor Classic" on Saturday, March 19th.  With 31 groups (!!) already committed to perform, MANY volunteers will be needed to help make this event a success - if you would like to help, please contact Randy Major or Cynthia Stayrook. 

ISAAC'S KNIGHT OUT - Wednesday, February 2nd

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On Wednesday, February 2nd, Isaac's Restaurant and Deli (Granite Run) will host a fundraiser benefiting the Hempfield High School "Black Knight" Marching Band.  Bring your friends and family to enjoy great food and great company while supporting our kids!  Twenty-five percent (25%) of the cost of your meal will go directly to the Marching Band.

WHERE: Isaac's Restaurant and Deli
WHEN: Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011, 5:00 - 9:00 PM
HOW: Bring this flyer with you to Isaac's, complete the information on the back, and hand it to the cashier when paying.


Jazz @ WCU Recap

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Congratulations to the Hempfield Jazz Ensemble!  On Sunday, the Black Knight Jazz Ensemble kicked off their 2011 performance season with a set at West Chester University's High School Jazz Invitational.  The band received top ratings from professional jazz artists from around the country while pianist Amaya Madden, drummer Connor Stair, bassist Antonio Marin and guitarist Rich Hill teamed up to win the award for best rhythm section.   In addition, Rich Hill was awarded a full scholarship to the 2011 West Chester summer jazz camp.  Hempfield Jazz will compete against some of the hottest high school big bands from the Philadelphia region at North Penn High School on Friday, February 26th.

Jazz Ensemble @ WCU - Times Announced!

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Parents and community members are welcome to come out to West Chester University to hear the first 2011 performance of the award-winning HHS Jazz Ensemble! 

Report to HHS > 11 AM
Depart for WCU > 12 PM
Warm-up > 2 PM
Perform > 3 PM
Clinic > 3:30 PM
Pizza > 5:00 PM
Leave > 7:30 PM
Back at HHS > 8:30 PM


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Bell Schedule:
    Period 1 >                  7:40-8:08
    Period 2 EXAM >         8:14-9:34
    Period 3 EXAM >         9:40-11:00
    Period 4 EXAM >         11:06-12:26
    Period 5 >                  12:32-1:00

•    Eat Breakfast to hold you until you get home after 1 PM!  This will cause the least disturbance during the clinic and performance

  • If you are coming to school on the BUS and have NO FINALS, you should report directly to the Band Room.  You will remain with Mr. Gumble until the end of the day. 
  • If you are coming for the GETTYSBURG EXPERIENCE ONLY and have your OWN TRANSPORTATION, you should enter through the PAC doors at 9:15 AM (with instrument/folder).
  • If you have your OWN TRANSPORTATION and NO FINALS, you may leave following the Gettysburg performance at 12:00 PM.

  • If you have a Period 2 EXAM ONLY, report to the PAC with your instrument/folder following 2nd Period.
  • If you have a Period 3 EXAM, you will miss the rehearsal component of the visit.  Report to the PAC for Gettysburg’s Performance during Period 4. 
  • If you have a Period 4 EXAM, you will miss the Gettysburg concert but should be at the PAC for the Period 3 Rehearsal
  • If you have exams Period 3 AND Period 4, good luck!

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