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The Hempfield Band Booster Club is announcing the Financial Assistance for Band Students (FABS) Fund. This fund is being created to specifically address situations where member families cannot meet the full financial obligations of band membership. We ask that our band Families, Alumni, and Friends consider donating any amount possible to make the rewards of Hempfield Band Membership available for all!

The FABS Fund will operate as follows:

Confidentiality: The family members awarded fee/balance reductions will be kept confidential. The HBBC Executive Committee will be the only members of the HBBC to review these situations and award relief. It must be recognized that financial hardships can also be emotional hardships. Individuals in this situation must be assured that their plight is not public knowledge.

Eligibility: In order to be eligible for financial aid there are three ways of requesting assistance:

  • Requested by the family 
  • Recommended by a fellow band member or the Band Directors 
  • Determined by the treasurers through review of band member outstanding balances 

Qualifications: Those needing assistance will provide information to the review committee as to the basis of the need and the amount of relief needed. The HBBC review committee will discuss the need and determine if an installment payment plan is in order, or if any or all of the debt should be relieved. Wherever possible, debt relief through payment plans or participation in fund raising activities, which generate student account credits, will be an integral part of the relief solution.

Tax Implications: All non-targeted donations to the Hempfield Band Booster Club FABS Fund are tax deductible. A confirmation of the donation will be sent to each participant for tax purposes. 

How to Donate: Checks or Charge Card Authorization (with account #, amount, exp. date) for the FABS Fund may be placed in the HBBC Box in the band room or mailed to the HBBC, 200 Stanley Avenue, Landisville, PA 17538. Donations can also be made online.  

Please include a note indicating the type of donation and your wish, if applicable, to remain anonymous.

Scholarship Funding: The FABS Fund is to be 100% supported by donations from the community, the current band membership, and band alumni. The following methods of donation are available: 

  • Anonymous Donation: Individuals choosing to donate to this fund may do so anonymously.  To make an anonymous donation online, please note "ANON" when prompted during your PayPal transaction.  

  • Public Donation: Individuals choosing to donate to this fund may do so and have their name printed in the Opening Knight Program and/or on the HBBC Web Site.  To make a public donation online, please note "PUBLIC" when prompted during your PayPal transaction.   

  • Targeted Donation: Individuals, through their own means, who know of a family in need can make targeted donations to assist those families in need. Targeted donations will offset the targeted band member's account directly and are not subject to the review of the HBBC review committee. Targeted donations may be anonymous or public depending on the wishes of the donor. The recipient family, however, will remain confidential. (Note: Targeted Donations are not tax deductible) 

  • Fund Raiser Donations: Individuals working those fund raisers that offer Member Account Credits may, at their request, funnel those credits toward the FABS Fund or may direct those credits as a Targeted Donation.