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Fair Share

What is Fair Share?  

To support the programs under the Hempfield Bands umbrella, the Hempfield Band Booster Club will run on an operating budget of over $130,000 in 2014!  This budget includes: show design (props, flags, drill, uniforms, etc.), instructional staff, special events, and more!  

Like any family, every member of the Hempfield band program is expected to do their Fair Share.  Fair Share is non-refundable.

The Fair Share obligation for 2015 is: 

Family w. Single Member > $130

Family w. Multiple Members > $195

Meeting Fair Share

Member Families can meet the Fair Share in the following ways:

  • Fundraising Activities
  • Check (made payable to "Hempfield Band Booster Club")
  • *Credit Card or Bank Draft (secure through PayPal - no account needed!)
*PayPal transactions are subject to a 2.2% surcharge

2015 Fair Share is due by Saturday, September 19th.

FULL Fair Share Payments using

(you do not need a PayPal account to make a payment)