Post date: Aug 10, 2010 5:31:20 PM

Greetings, all! Hopefully everyone has had a GREAT summer and is ready to get back into the swing of things! Mini-Camps have gone extremely well - between the excitement (and achievement) of the new members, the incredible leadership of our veterans, the continued support by our parents and administration, this is sure to be an unforgettable season!

As you know, BAND CAMP is next week!!!! Please take a minute to carefully read the following information:


Rehearsal Schedule > There have been some questions regarding the rehearsal schedule...allow me to clarify! The typical camp day schedule is as follows:

9:00-11:30 - Marching Rehearsal (report BEFORE 9 at the HHS band room!)

11:30-12:00 - LUNCH (students must bring their own...avoid soda!!!!)

12:00-3:30 - Music Rehearsal (avoiding the big fiery ball of bad news in the sky as much as we can in the afternoon :)

3:30 - Students are dismissed to return home, relax, eat dinner, and return in time for our evening session.

6:00-9:00 - Ensemble Rehearsal

As always, ALL outdoor rehearsal blocks are open to the public...feel free to stop by and check out what we are doing!


Items for Camp > Students should come prepared with the following items

- Rehearsal materials (instrument, music, pencil, band binder)

- Quality footwear (we will be marching A LOT...socks and sneakers are a must)

- WATER (students receive plenty of water breaks...a large jug full of ice water is recommended)

- Sunscreen (to be applied frequently at student discretion)

- Sunglasses

- Light-weight and lightly colored clothing (avoid black and jeans)

- Lunch (also remember to eat breakfast each day!)

There is a good chance that I am leaving something out. Check with veteran members/parents for a more comprehensive list! :)


Meet the Team Knight - Friday @ 7 PM!

We will be participating in the HHS "Meet the Team Knight" next Friday. The event is open to the public and will be the first performance by the Black Knight Marching Band for the 2010 season! The schedule for the day will be identical to the rest of the week (back from dinner at 6 PM), however students will be dismissed following the performance (probably around 8 PM) from the stadium after a week of hard work! :)

That's all for now, gang! As always, please email me with any questions or concerns.

Great work thus far...we'll see you next week! :)