HMK eNEWS > Homestretch Edition! :)

Post date: Nov 1, 2010 6:40:29 PM

Greetings, friends! Can you believe that it's already NOVEMBER!?!?!? I swear that I can still smell the sunscreen and Gatorade from the "dog days" of August! Time flies when you're having fun pursuing excellence!

Saturday night was certainly a performance that we will carry with us forever. Our score of 93.15 currently has us ranked 2nd out of the 81 bands in Cavalcade (NOTE: Manheim Township was off this weekend and all that Spring-Ford did was go out and win their 4th Tournament of Bands Championship in 5 years, so there is still PLENTY of competition!). The GREAT news is that everyone who sees the show has "bought in" to the show - the Friday night "hot dog munchers" stop munching so vehemently, rival band parents are commenting on how remarkable our students are, and the judging community continues to praise our composition and achievement to the point where we have heard "I want to see it again, but I don't want to judge it, I just want to enjoy it!" on more than one occasion!

Now comes the hard part...THE SPRINT TO THE END! Do we have what it takes to continue to push? Our score at Championships last year was a 93.00 - can we continue to climb higher? are we able to push BEYOND the point that we've already reached? Are we focused enough to make every rep better than the last? Are we mentally strong enough to not "go through the motions" as we seek to help that last member reach perfection? Can we continue to RAISE THE BAR in every respect?

I'm excited to find out :)


This Week

Tuesday > Sectional Day!

Winds - 3:10-5:15 PM

Guard and Percussion - 6:00-9:00 PM

Wednesday > Ensemble (3:10-5:15 PM)

Thursday > Ensemble (6:30-9:00 PM)

Friday > @ Manheim Township

Report @ 4:30 PM

Load Truck @ 5:00 PM

Load Buses @ 5:30 PM (We want to be situated in time for their performance!)

Perform @ Halftime

Return approx. 9:30 PM

Saturday > RED LION SHOWDOWN!!!! (Advance Tickets Available @ Band Office - $8 Adults, $6 Student/Senior)

Report: Guard and Percussion @ 10 AM, Winds @ 12:00 PM

Ensemble from 1:00 PM-4:30 PM

Load Truck @ 4:30 PM

Load Buses @ 5:30 PM

Yankee Begins @ 8:15 (York Suburban, HMK, New Oxford, Manheim Township, Red Lion)

HMK Performs @ 8:30 PM

Awards @ 9:30 PM

Return approx. 10:30 PM


Championship Week

MTWR > ENSEMBLE FROM 6:00-9:00 (venue TBD based on soccer/field hockey playoffs)


TAG DAY from 9 AM-12:00 PM

Rehearsal from 1:00 PM-5:00 PM

Sunday > CAVALCADE CHAMPIONSHIPS! (schedule TBD based on performance draw on Monday, November 8th)


- Gumble