"The American Dream" - Parts I and II NOW AVAILABLE!

Post date: Jul 19, 2010 8:59:55 PM

Download the full mp3 file by visiting the Downloads page of our HMK section.

"The Voyage"

This year's Introduction (the first minute of the show) serves to portray one of the many ships carrying immigrants from many European nations across the Atlantic, past the Statue of Liberty, and onto Ellis Island for processing. Listen for many familiar folk songs and feel the excitement build as the group finally sets their eyes on the "New Colossus" herself!

"The Arrival"

While making it across the Atlantic was challenging, simply arriving at Ellis Island did not guarantee citizenship. After moving single file through the gates, each immigrant underwent a series of inspections that could be the difference between entering The New World or a long trip home. Listen for the rush to the door at the end of the movement with the final SLAM as the immigrants close the door behind them and start a new life full of guarded excitement.