Now, more than ever, we have information to justify why we do this demanding (yet extremely rewarding) activity. Experts have concluded that the study of music helps with spatial reasoning, test taking, and overall quality of life! Factor in social skills, emotional development, leadership training, group interaction, aesthetic perception, music making, and the discipline of being in a band program, and I don’t know why anyone would not want to be involved in a successful band program like the one here at Hempfield!


The Hempfield Band Department believes that music is essential to life, and is an integral part of all cultures. Music provides a universal language, which bonds artistically and emotionally all persons. Further, music appreciation creates an emotional and intellectual "wholeness" which cannot be gained through any other discipline. Therefore, the Hempfield Band Department encourages musical experiences for all students in the Hempfield School District, and provides musical enjoyment and understanding through classroom and performance activities at all levels.

Why Band?

Musical competencies resulting from the Hempfield Band Program should include, but not be limited to, keen perception, aesthetic sensitivity, creativity, analysis, and evaluation, based upon heightened student musical awareness, enjoyment, and understanding. Other educational outcomes resulting from the Hempfield Band Program include improved self-image, teamwork and cooperative learning, critical and higher level thinking, goal setting/achievement, self-discipline, decision-making, and informed consumerism.

The Hempfield Band Department strives to achieve these goals by stressing fundamental skill development, generating lifelong social skills to enhance the quality of human interaction, and providing experiences that foster the sheer "joy of music."

The Hempfield Band Program offers a variety of ensembles in which students may perform:

Concert Band

"Black Knight" Marching Band

Jazz Ensemble

Chamber Ensembles

Color Guard (Outdoor and Indoor)

Indoor Percussion