The Hempfield High School Bands make use of a performance based LEVELS system that streamlines assessment and provides differentiated materials that will challenge students of all ability levels.


1. Students will be placed on an appropriate introductory LEVEL by the Director. Students will have the opportunity to move up (or down) if they so choose.

2. Each marking period, students will be responsible for preparing exercises based on their LEVEL (in addition to literature excerpts). Students will perform these exercises during flex pull-outs. A detailed LEVEL PROGRESSION SHEET is available for download.

3. Students will be assessed based on the HHS PERFORMANCE AND PLAYING TEST RUBRIC. Students will have the opportunity to self-assess...students "pass-off" on a level once they have reached a 4 (Mastery) on the rubric.

4. After all elements of a LEVEL have been passed, students will LEVEL UP to another set of execises.

LEVEL Guides containing all exercises (and other information) will be distributed in hard copy at the beginning of the second semester. All levels are also available below for download.