2014 HMK Schedule Adjustments > Away Games

Post date: May 15, 2014 8:32:29 PM

Greetings! As some of you may have read, the HSD School Board voted on a proposed budget this past Tuesday. In order to balance the budget, the administration was forced to make cuts that will affect theatre, music, and athletics.

As our administration places a high value on the impact that our competitive program has on our students and school community, the decision was made to retain funding for band competitions while eliminating funding for transportation to away football games for 2014.

It is important to understand that decisions need to be made for the good of the order and recognize that there isn't a single area of focus with regards to cuts. More importantly, I am thankful that our administration views the marching band as more than an "accessory" to the football team and understands the immense value that our competitive program has to our students and community!

In every walk of life, I believe that it is important to look for "silver linings" as much as possible. In this situation, the obvious positive would be a lighter time commitment for member families. The student leadership, staff, and Booster Club will discuss the possibility of alternate plans for some of these dates that may include a combination of rehearsal/performance opportunities, social events, and off-dates.

Since the final budget is still pending board approval, members should keep all away game dates (08.29, 09.26, 10.03, 10.10, 10.31) in their calendars until the final schedule is announced.

Thank you once again for your unyielding support! Get ready for our GREATEST season yet!